Simple live audio streaming

Create a 1-hour live event Invite up to 99 people to listen Invite some listeners to speak No app. It's just a web page
Up to 100 participants and 1 hour


1. Is this thing similar to... Clubhouse or Twitter Spaces?
Yes. We are big fans of both Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces. But we don't have enough patience to wait for them to launch a web or Android version. Therefore, we built this web app that can be used on multiple platforms.
2. How will you make money?
We plan to add paid plans with premium features and higher limits (i.e., more hours and more participants).
3. Do I have to create an account on
If you just want to join a live event as an anonymous listener, then you don't need to create an account. Please note that anonymous listeners can't request to speak. But hosts can invite anonymous listeners to speak. If you want to create and host your own live audio event, you have to create an account.
4. How many live events can I create?
You can create as many events as you want, but you can't have more than one concurrent live events. In other words, you can't start a new event before an old one finishes.
5. How can I give you feedback (e.g., bugs, feature requests...)?
Please email us at [email protected]
6. Why did you name this thing
The Inca civilization didn’t write. They passed down ideas through generations by speaking.

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